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Rocksmith on XBOX 360


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My Hava Platinum HD PVR arrived today and I decided to try it out with Rocksmith. For those that aren't familiar with Rocksmith, it's a guitar game in which you use a real guitar to play songs. It's very cool and innovative. I've been playing it about 2 months now and have a blast.


I chose a song called Angela by Jarvis Cocker, because it's the easiest song to play on Rocksmith. I've been up for almost 48 hours working 30 straight... so... yeah... I needed an easy song to try.




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I'm waiting for them to finally release their bass version so I can jump on this game' date=' also. So this is only after two mounths? Very nice indeed![/quote']


Thanks.. There's a ton more as well... About 60 or songs that I've played with about 11 or 12 that are "master moded."


Yeah after 2 months, but in all fairness - i played guitar for a few years in the 80s. Put it down in 92.

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November is the tentative release of the PC version, to coincide with the European release. I didn't have a console either (Tyler did - but it's in his room). But, I was watching this game like a hawk for 2 years and since it's been out since last year, I decided to get it and a console two months ago. $200 bucks will get an XBOX to play it, 60-80 for the game (depending on the phase of the moon). The cable, is included and if you were to buy a just the cable (from a different brand) it's well over a hundred bucks. With this cable you can use it on the PC as well. Assuming you have the software to actually do something (GuitarRig for amps and effects, Fruity Loops for mixing and recording)


There are serious PS3 issues with the game. The issues are PS3 specific, and not caused by the game. But, there are reports of PS3 users corrupting their hard drives. Usually it happens after they report that the game (and other games) just lock up.


Also, in a Master Mode event of 5 songs with a particular song (can't remember the song name) as the last song, it would lock up the PS3 and you couldn't play that event.


This weekend I am going to put up some more songs on YouTube, Judas Priest: Breaking the Law, Silversun Pickups: Panic Switch, and The Offspring: Gone Away.


I could put the Judas Priest song up now, but the other two aren't Master Mode'd yet - they are right on the cusp, so I'll wait until they are ready too.

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According to this article, the bass support will not be available to the US until it comes out as DLC. For me, it's not good because I don't have a guitar and I'm not interested in playing guitar but I will have to buy the standard game and then buy the DLC. I probably will buy it anyway, but I won't be happy about that extra cost. A separate release would make me much happier, or the combo of the two without additional cost (free DLC for the ones that already own it), Who am I kidding though, it's all about the extra money.



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I wouldn't worry about Bass in Europe only, while entirely possible, this statement has no references. Truthfully, I haven't heard anything like that on the official boards. Believe me, there'd be A LOT of flaming if that were true.


I do believe bass support will be delivered at the same time as the European, but my personal feeling is that bass support will be release as FREE-DLC. So yes, you'd have to buy the game, but I'm sure bass support will be free. Assuming bass is NOT going to be it's own game.


Also, those articles mention September as the EU release. I'm sure the buzz is and always has been November. So I do question the validity/accuracy of those articles.

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My wife picked up Rocksmith for guitar and bass for me yesterday and after a brief scare with the red ring of death from my long-idle Xbox I got to play with it for a little bit last night. It's a refreshing feeling actually contributing to a song versus playing short two line stanzas from a book over and over. Though, I can see where a lot of bad habits can be brought into play but as my friend who's played guitars for 20 years told me, "Rule #1: no rules. Do what works for you, what's comfortable." It should have come out on the PC as well, Klaiber. I went with the Xbox because I need to justify owning it, lol. Plus, it's a good thing to do while my PC stress tests itself after I overclock it tonight.


That being said, I should be online for Thursday's practice but Friday I'll be alone with the kids and the baby isn't very autonomous at this time. I'm going to flash my BIOS tonight and do a few adjustments regarding the CPU. I'm shooting for 3.2ghz from my 2.66ghz quad core. It is a fairly docile OC but it should give me another year of usefullness in my PC. Hopefully I can build a new one next year about this time.

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