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Hi everyone, first off... very snazzy website you got here, I like it.

I've recently found myself with some free time and been having an absolute ball with the MiG-21bis. I enjoy flying the Hornet and other "modern" modules, however they feel pretty bland of character compared to the older jets. My main focus in DCS previous was the Viggen, being a "mud mover" at heart. However I've found myself quite taken by the MiG, enjoying the quick start ups and not needing to enter lat/long coords for a flight plan manually and wait for a cursed INS system to align. Just start the old girl up and go flying.

I live in the UK, working in the NHS meaning my availability can be a little variable especially with my degree studies coming towards their conclusion. Especailly if I've been given a row of night shifts etc, or if I have an assignment deadline approaching.

I've been flying since the original LOMAC days as part of the 159th GAR, with plenty of time spent in the Su-25T. From there I also had a few years flying in Falcon 4.0 and IL-2 1946. It's a little scary to think I've been involved with LOMAC/DCS in some form for almost half of my entire life! I've also got IL-2 and most of the associated expansions which I picked up for a bargain price a while back, but haven't gotten around to flying yet. However if someone wants a bomber pilot look no further :), multi-crew in the He-111 looks a blast (Wellington for the Tobruk exp looks awesome too).

Modules owned:

  • FC3
  • Bf-109K
  • Spitfire Mk.IX
  • A-10C
  • Ka-50
  • UH-1
  • Mi-8MTV
  • AV-8B
  • Mirage 2000C
  • MiG-21bis
  • MiG-19P
  • AJS 37
  • F-18C
  • F-14B
  • Combined Arms
  • Persian Gulf, Normandy and NTTR terrain packs (sadly I can only install NTTR because of lack of SSD space atm, waiting to get another M.2 drive).

I think that's everything... I don't even want to tally up the total cost of all that.

I fly with a HOTAS Warthog, Thrustmaster pedals  and Track IR, have a headset and mic etc for use in Discord/TS or whatever comms software you lads prefer. Have a little experience in SRS too but had a few issues getting it setup initally.

I've familiarised myself with most of the Fishbeds systems, I have the startup procedure (as I do it anyway) memorised and can get the old girl up and running within 60 seconds. Also somewhat reasonably versed in RSBN/Arc navigation and recently been practicing the PRMG approaches including big/small box. Always happy to learn new tricks however and have been looking for other MiG drivers to fly with.

Anyone here fly the Viggen much? Would be nice to get back in the pit of that one and get some practice in! Also, do you have a Discord server or a public server I might be able to hop into and perhaps get to meet a few of you?

Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully see you in the skies soon o7.




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Woooot...this guys name is Drunken Jedi?? Sounds dangerous to be wielding a lightsabre when drunk.....! Jedi should not drink!

Welcome though Sir!

I own the Ikea plane, but havent flown it much so if you like to give me a lesson, let me know and we will do some flying!

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