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Operation Winter Storm - unofficial JG1 'Tank Crew' practice


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Event:   Operation Winter Storm - unofficial JG1 'Tank Crew' practice
Mission created by: SCG_Neun (special thanks to him for this great mission)

IL2 Server: JG1 - Operation Winter Storm
PW = storm

Saturday - July 25 - @ 2 pm - 5 pm Eastern Time ( 3 hrs timetable)


SRS Radio comms - have it to auto-connect!
We will have SRS Radio Comms active on the server. Please have it installed before coming on the server is possible. IP address will be added to this post if we have it running.

Il2 Sturmovik - SRS Il2 Voice Comms apps - How to?

We will use one of the MP mission created by (SCG_Neun):
Briefing info:

1- Make sure you use the Tiger... as you will take a lot of hits going up that road.  When and if you run out of Tigers....it's the Mk IV you can fall back to.
2- You can have your OKL deal with fortifications out front, but watch out for AI aircraft...
3- This is a very optimistic timetable, but the mission does give you a 3 hour window of time. 
4- This is one of the Operation Winter Storm missions, and a tough one with the timetable.  You've got to use the road and not waste any time. When you hit resistance, flank out and deal with it....
5- As you capture the stong points, it should flip over to German and give you the ability to re-spawn with fresh tanks....Good Luck!

This mission is going to take a minimum of 6 to 8 German tanks. And if wanted, we could add some human Russian tankers.
Use good radio procedures and value your cyber life!


This is a mission to relieve 6th Army....

Operation Winter Storm - Stalingrad Map - Tigers tanks and MkIV to fall back

Winter Storm continues......Stalingrad is barely holding on and it's up to the speed and skill of coordinating your land and air components to push quickly to your objective west of Gromoslavka. We must use the road, the snows and terrain are just too hazardous and we don't have the time to go cross country.  The Soviets will be setting up along that road and will do their best to stop us. Your orders are to destroy as many Soviet positions as possible.  We need this road, but in the event you get bogged down you are authorized to expedite your movement and secure the roadway as best you can to reach and secure Strong Point C.  In the event you bypass any substantial opposition you are to respawn at the closest base captured and clean up the pockets of resistance hopefully within the time span allotted for this mission.  OKL is to provide air cover and coordinate their assets with the guidance of your Luftwaffe Liaison Officer.  Recon reports substantial resistance in the form of AT/artillery and plenty of Soviet armor. 


Take note that JG1 'Tank Crew' is an unofficial part of JG1.

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S! All,

A short AAR (After Action Report) of today practice.


Overall, we had a great time... around 8 players (6 Germans vs 2 Russians)
The mission went well (and no issue with the server), but after 3 hours, we didn't get the Russian 2nd Strongpoint.
We had some great fights with the 2 Russians (human) tankers.
A big thank you to J30, it was really fun having them and I hope we can get around 30 to 40 players next time for the real event (maybe more in August).


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