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JG1 is proud to announce the creation of JG1 'Tank Crew' Regiment ...


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Welcome to the JG1 'Tank Crew' Regiment, ...

Take note that JG1 'Tank Crew' is an unofficial part of JG1, like JG1 RT...


After a few events and some internal JG1 'Tank Crew' practice, JG1 will now have a (Public) section on the Forum for 'Tank Crew' and all discussions about the IL2 'Tank Crew' game or any WW1 or WWII history knowledge about Tanks and Ground Strategy (Combined Arms).

We are assembling an unofficial Tank Unit for "Tank Crew" and are starting conducting inner and online squad Combined Arms missions. For now, our goal is to recreate historical tactics and combat environments. We will see how things evolves and maybe play a little more historical (Dead is Dead) like we already do in IL2 Sturmovik -  WW1, WW2 flight sims.

For now, if you would need any help getting into 'Tank Crew', we will try our best giving you guys all the information that we can.

Don't forget to come and try out 'Tank Crew', since (2) Tanks (one German and one Allied) are free and available to anyone (even with no IL2 Great Battles games). These (2) tanks will be added to all our 'Tank Crew' practice or events so that members without the game, are able to come and play with us.

It's important that all JG1 members understand that this is an unofficial part of JG1.  All events of JG1 will have the priority of Date and Time over 'Tank Crew'.


Links to help you starting:

IL2 Strumovik 'Tank Crew' Forum - get the latest news, skins and more....

Il2 Sturmovik SRS Il2 Voice Comms apps - How to?

Il2 Sturmovik - Tank Crew Keymapping - with most controls for the game


Unofficial JG1 'Tank Crew' Skin Pack Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 - download links:


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27 minutes ago, Heinrich said:

is it useful for us to register at the SCG site for the information they have gathered concerning tanks, tactics, etc?

S! Heinrich,

I would say yes, if you want to attend the SCG events... that way, you have access to their event agenda and you can confirm if you will be attending, maybe or not!
For the information about tanks, tactics, if you attend the events, you will get those information mostly from the 'Tank' Commanders! ;)

ps: if you register, please use your JG1 tag, we've got a special collaboration between JG1 and SCG!


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