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Flying Circus Vol.1 - Motherbrains Missions MAINTENANCE 1.6


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S! All,
Check this out... great to try and practice all the planes in IL2 Flying Circus!

note: the Zip file of these missions is available in the File Browser of 'Flying Circus,' on JG1 TS.


Link of the post on IL2 Forum:

This is a complete mission set for Il-2 Flying Circus. It includes at least one mission for each aircraft. More will be added as I develop them.
These missions will be fairly simple. I want them to be a step above the Quick Mission Builder, but not quite full blown historical/campaign missions. 

Please let me know where I can make improvements.

Version 1.6 uploaded. Adding "Fly-Now" missions for some planes with more to come later, as well as improvements for some existing missions.

NEW! - "Fly Now" missions are free missions similar to the ones in Rise of Flight where the map is laid out with different targets for you to attack as you please, as well as areas where you can spawn and engage enemy aircraft as much as you wish. I'll add a Fly Now mission for each aircraft as soon as I'm able.

Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xxsew3gxhfx8vf7/flying_circus_missions_1.6.zip?dl=0


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