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A taste of TC


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With the recent interest in TC, I have built some missions. They are a variety of capture the flag. They can be done as a single player against AI or as teams on opposite sides. All maps have a good deal of enemy AI. Some are moving. Some are stationary. Some are hidden.

Capture Lapino:   First to capture the airfield wins.  Medium difficulty. Lots of hidden AI and nothing to hide behind. Moving AI trying to sneak up on you.

Capture Flendugal: The flag is in the city. Easy difficulty. AI is on the move and hidden in the city. Lots of farm buildings to provide some cover.

Capture Novorossiysk: Capture the enemy flag at their base. Medium difficulty. Hidden AI in the city. One small surprise.

Capture Bad Kringle: Capture the enemy flag at their base. High Difficulty. You must cross one of the bridges to get to the enemy flag. Lots of stationary AI guarding the bridges plus a couple of surprises. One AI enemy unit that is not recognized as a target by AI gunners. Very deadly.




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