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Tank Mission


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This  is a mission I built  when I first got into  IL2-GB     year or 2 ago.   Works with current version of game,   TC needed  to play it  as it is a Tiger Mission.

I could use some editing on the  descrip.    Basically you along with a wingman tiger start   on  the Spas side of the river.   You need to take out all enemy in the town,  tanks, trucks, AT guns, etc.    There will be a para drop that will deploy some AT guns.   A column of trucks is right on your heels  on the road headed in that when they arrive will deploy some 88's.    Behind them, is a column of some PZ4, Stugs  to reinforce you.  There will be enemy attacks  from the south and the  east which must  be destroyed.     

Bridgehead at Spas.zip

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