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Black September - Server test - Saturday August 22, 1600-2000 GMT


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Four Saturdays in September (5, 12, 19, 26) – 1600-2000 GMT on the Flugpark.  
Server test Saturday August 22 1600-2000 GMT.  Convert times to your local time zone.

Entente forces attacking with Camels, Dolphins, Se5a, Spad XIII, Bristol F2bII and F2bIII to complete  photo reconnaissance, bombing, artillery spotting, infantry contact, trench attacks and supply disruption in support of the ground offensive. 

Central forces defending with Albatros DVa, Pfalz DIII, Fokker DrI, Fokker DVII (limited DVIIf), Halberstadt CLII (limited  au).  

Flying Circus Flugpark server hosted by Jasta 5 will be reconfigured on mission.  Both teams/sides will meet on the Flugpark Discord server at https://www.discord.gg/h8MRmyN  for mission assignments.

Rules, scoring, and proper details published soon but no later than about August 29, one week prior to the commencement of hostilities.

Server Settings: 
Full Real Settings
Death penalty: 15 minutes. If you can re-life, do so after 15 minute timeout. You should be able to fill backseat gunner positions during your death penalty.  
Weapon Mods: Not anticipated at this time.  

More info on the IL2 Forum:



8/21/18 - Server and Mission Test tomorrow Saturday at 1600-2000 GMT (convert to your local time zone).  Meet on Flugpark Discord (https://www.discord.gg/h8MRmyN) 30 minutes before start.

Flight Assignments (Preliminary for test mission)


Mercenaries (by choice - please try to balance sides if possible)
3PG - US 103/93 etc.
No. 20
Adler Legion
JG1 ???


Mercenaries (by choice - please try to balance sides if possible)
Jasta 2
Jasta 5
Jasta 99
1PL ??? - I saw a post from 1PL and they ask to be on the Entente Side... to follow up!

Campaign Overview

Increasing pressure from Entente ground forces, supported by armor and aerial units is being brought to bear against the Central Powers.  The airmen on both sides are tasked with supporting the operations of the troops on the ground by completing designated missions.  The Entente on the offense has deeper objectives related to support of a general offense.  The Central Powers on the defense has shorter range operational objectives but must prevent Entente mission successes in order to win the day.

   Each mission map is divided into three sectors, North (sector A), Middle (sector B), South (sector C). 

·   Each sector has offensive mission objectives for Entente to complete to be successful.  The objectives are the same in all sectors (see chart later in this guide). 

·   Each sector is trying to progress offensively through four sets of mission objectives.  Each set of sector objectives is considered in a “Phase”.   If Entente complete the first objectives (Phase 1), that sector progresses into the next set of offensive mission objectives (Phase 2).   And so on, through Phase 3 and Phase 4 for that sector.     

·   Entente must achieve offensive success in Phase 4 in all three sectors for the offensive to be considered a success and win that weeks mission.  Entente winning 2 sectors is insufficient success for the offensive to be a success and results in a draw for the week.    

·   Central is trying to prevent Entente from achieving success in enough sectors to prevent overall Entente offensive success.


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