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Counter Attack on Aachen


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Better know as the Second Battle of Aachen was an attempt by the Germans to retake the city of Aachen after it had fallen around mid October 1944.  For purposes of our mission, we will be using the 506th Heavy Panzer Battalion to spearhead an assault NE of the city.  We will be facing the 2nd Armored Division and the 745th Tank Battalion along with the 26th Infantry Division who will be positioned in a defensive posture and poised to hold at all cost.  

This is going to be a tough mission and make no mistake, the enemy AI in this mission can make you toast in a heartbeat.  We will have our Luftwaffe overhead to deal with American fighters and Jabo aircraft.  Those damn P47's will be out on the prowl.  Positioned throughout the countryside will be plenty of American AT along with the long ranged 155mm field guns.  In addition, our Luftwaffe will be ground pounding defensive positions in our path.  And of course....there will be plenty of American armor to deal with as usual.

We invite JG1 members to come on in for the fun, 8/30/20 at 1430 hrs, EST.  You can either fly Luftwaffe or grab a Tiger or a Panther if you prefer.  Our SCG unit will be using Tigers however, they last longer...and heck we are a Heavy Panzer Regiment.  

Our server always starts with SCG

TS=comms.simulatedcombatgroup.com   pw= enjoy

We have SRS Radio working, but will not be using it for this event.



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FYI, I had such a blast yesterday.

I love the joint missions; it is incredible to see the ground troups advance and do their thing from the air. Even better when there is actually some useful complementary action between the air and the ground troups. Also, it was great flying with the SCG pilots who were most courteous and hospitable. We had some great moments yesterday and I'm looking forward to repeating the experience when there will be another occasion to do so (soon?).

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