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German Defensive Line North of Aachen


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Greetings JG1, just wanted to invite you guys to a mission.

Sunday 2:30 PM Eastern Time

This mission will be an attempt to recreate a defensive hold against an American attack on our perimeter located north of Aachen.  Currently I'm designing the mission with the hopes that we would have enough air combat interest to allow for player vs player in the air, however in the event that is not possible the player element will be Luftwaffe only, assisting our panzers in holding the line and launching a counter attack.  The battlefield area is limited in this one, so the flying would be fairly concentrated over a particular sector of the map.  

There will be flak to ward off ground attacks on artillery and entrenched locations, so the flying can get dicey in the combat area.  Let me know if you have any interest in joining us so I can plan the mission around the numbers I might have to work with.  More to come as I work on this one.  

I'll get back with you on the plane set, but I think we might go with Panther on the tanks, against AI Shermans, since the AI has been acting up on some of the other tank sets.  If you guys prefer MkIVs let me know.  It's just that they haven't been holding up very well.  :)



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