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FIF 2020 "Fall Campaign" Plane-set (ROF)

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The following is the plane-set for the FIF 2020 "Fall Campaign".

For a complete list of what aircraft modifications will be available during the campaign, please see the FIF 2020 "Fall Campaign" Plane modifications.
Since the FIF 2020 "Fall Campaign" is a semi-fictitious event with little historical precedent, the aircraft selected are merely meant to suggest the pitch air battles of World War One.
There is definitely an attempt at a progression of technology, however.  As we move through Phase A into Phase B, pilots should feel that in-game time is in fact passing.
Should there any questions, or possible oversights, please contact @Butzzell and @Klaiber

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Phase A (circa 1917):
Central Scout (fighter) aircraft:

Albatros D.III - 20 scouts

Albatros D.Va - 20 scouts

Pfalz D.IIIa - 14 scouts

Central Multipurpose aircraft:

DFW C.V - 3 reconnaissance aircraft and 12 bombers

Brandenburg W12 - 3 bombers, 2 arty aircraft and 2 spy aircraft

Entente Scout (fighter) aircraft:

Hanriot HD.1 - 18 scouts

Hanriot HD.2 - 6 scouts

Nieuport 28.C1 - 20 scouts

Sopwith Camel - 2 scouts (front line bomber)

SPAD 7.C1 late (180hp) -  6 scouts
Entente Multipurpose aircraft:

Breguet 14.B2 - 2 capture aircraft and 12 bombers

Felixstowe F.2A - 3 reconnaissance aircraft and 2 arty aircraft


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