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Battle for Schmidt


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The Americans have been bottled up in the Hurtgen Forest for weeks now and have worked their way to the eastern sections of the forest.  Difficult terrain, both in dense timber and high hills has created a terrible situation for the Americans.  Now they are poised for a push on the Village of Schmidt and some open country where their armor, artillery and air superiority can once again be brought into play.

The Germans, well they have plugged the area with determined men and material, since the battle is being waged on German soil, it's now or never.  Most know the war is all but over, but they are fighting for their families and buying time for the super weapons, or possibly the breakdown of the Allied Alliance with the Soviet Union.  The big push into the Ardennes is being planned and the Americans will soon come to realize that this war is anything but finished.

This battle will be conducted in late Autumn just before the snows that will soon blanket the area with impassable roads and record breaking freezing temperatures.  The battle will begin with a consolidated American armor thrust deeper into the forest and hopefully secure a breakout into open terrain.  

The 707th Tank Brigade with their Sherman tanks will assault the forward base of the 116th Panzer Division.  This base must be captured and will provide the Americans with fresh armor and supplies for their final push into Schmidt.

After this objective has been met, 3 members will switch over to the German side and defend the Village of Schmidt.  Objective number 2 will be to capture the Village of Schmidt.  However, the Americans must hold this Village for the anticipated German counter attack which will come from a reserve Zug unit which was positioned outside of town a couple of kilometers or so away.

Historically, the village was retaken by the Germans, so it's important for the 707th to hold on to the area for a victory.  

The Air Combat within this mission will hopefully draw enough participants to allow for a PVP battle.  There will be air strike objectives in addition to ground support as the battle unfolds.  It's important for our members and any other participants to signup in our Events section, in addition to any of our Tank N Spank buddies who would like to join us. 

Tank squads will be filled keeping JG1 members together whenever possible.  In addition, I'd like to have 2 JG1 members with me, to go German when we make the switch, if at all possible.  I will have this posted in the Events section soon.

More to come.


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The invite is always there for your air combat members to come in and fly as OKL for our German side on this one and go up against SCG.  Both air contingents will have ground attack missions and of course try and protect their tanks and ground assets.  If that does happen, I would need your OKL leader name for the mission so I could brief him on German position in this one.

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Wittmann, if you join our website you can see our events page and I can give you a tag that will automatically invite you for events.  


but the server name will always start with SCG and the week for this one is “ami9”

we will be on our team speak at:  

pw “enjoy”.  It would be great if you could fly luftwafffe....

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Americans will have an airbase now at Aachen, which will reduce flight time to the battle. 707th Tank Brigade, will start off with all tankers, Judge will be Commander. After taking 116th Forward Base, Neun, Butzzell,General, and if numbers are good, Longwood, will switch to German MkIV's coming out of Schmidt. Butzzell will command the German Panzer Unit. Our mission will be to hold Schmidt at all cost. If we lose Schmidt, we will regroup into a reserve Zug that was a few km outside of town. We will attempt to retake Schmidt.

American Airforce will be comprised of JG1 members with Thorns. Luftwaffe will be comprised of SCG with TeRReF as Leader. JG1 can appoint Leader for USAF. I was going to do separate briefings for air side, but it's simple. Targets of opportunity, with opposing objectives such as protecting your own airbases, the Train Depot at Heerlen, and possible German reinforcements coming from Durlen, and of course any artillery, and your tanks on the ground.

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This post is to the JG1 guys that flew American this past Sunday.  I'd like to apologize for the lack of flak protection there.  What happened was I moved that base from way North to Aachen to reduce flight time, and in my hurry, I placed flak there, but I did not test it out.  The original mission had the American base.....off base with a scheduled attack on the German base, so I had standard flak protection for German base to make it realistic.  I did not know who  would fly American or OKL at that time...and I let Terref decide on that and he chose OKL.  So, if it placed you guys in a bad situation I apologize, it was an oversight of trying to tweak these kinds of missions, based on the number of pilots that signup.  As the numbers come in on the last day, it makes anything preplanned kind of difficult.  Such as do we even fly PVP in the air, or just go with AI.

We will switch the air combat side so you guys can fly Luftwaffe next time, I promise....


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On 10/29/2020 at 3:18 PM, SCG_Neun said:

Another mission set for this coming Sunday if anyone is interested.

I already mentioned this in the debriefing in TS yesterday, but I had a great evening flying with the SCG and JG1 pilots. Because I would consider myself a beginner (WW2) pilot, the PvE missions are much more enjoyable for me as I actually have the time to experiment and learn flying the aircraft. When we fly PvP, I simply get eliminated before being able to try to improve and I make no progress at all. I hope that leaves enough of a challenge for the other more seasoned pilots when we fly PvE.

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