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Setting mission time


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I've come rather late to the DCG "World". Having read all the manuals and guides that I have found, I've gained a decent knowledge about how the program works, and have my fisrt "from scratch" campaign almost finished.


What I haven't found yet is this: Is there a way to set a minimum and maximun mission start time via the timetable.dcg file? I know I have a command to set mission time, but I'd like some randomness, and moreover, I'd like to have a "Slow", or even slower, time passage setting. The map is Moscow winter, and if I don't set a minimum mission start time, I get night missions (5:00 or 6:00 AM) even when selecting "Day" in the panel.


Manually I can do this perfectly, and the program works exactly as it should given the manual settings, but my intention was to share the work with the community, and the automation of this feature would be great to simplify the implementation of the campaign for the rest of the people that would like to fly it.


I'm not a native English speaker (I'm from Uruguay, hence the [uRU]), so please tell me if something is not clear. Of course, if the only way to get the kind of time behaviour is manually, I perfectly understand, and will just write down the instructions in a readme for the ones that try the campaign.


DCG still rules for offline and dynamic squad coops IMHO.

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