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Roundel Racing - A Vintage & HPDE Driving Series


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This is something I have been ruminating about doing for the past 6-9 months since the COVID Lockdown started, and through the support and approval of Snaggle, Klaiber and Britshot have elected to offer and bring to the members of JG1RT and the Squadron at large! I appreciate your consideration and support, bellow is a copy-paste of the announcement video's description:

Please consider joining the roundel racing Discord server: https://discord.gg/2pSkyadCnu

Roundel Racing is a Discord Server and racing series committed to High Performance Driving Education, where drivers and pupils of all levels can come and enjoy an environment of continuous education and development. Members of the series can share techniques, setups, and competitive driving in an environment meant to sharpen their skills and broaden their horizons. Members vote on the cars, tracks, race formats, and time slots from a list of appropriate and vetted suggestions made by community members, for community members.

Thank you for your time and consideration! A special thank you to JG1RT for their partnership and support. 

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