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Operation Barbarossa, Mid July 1941


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Mission IV, continues as 19th Panzer pushes onward to relieve the embattled 1st Parachute Division holding on to the captured Kuniya Airbase. This airborne drop was vital to both advance our air contingent and capture a vital rail hub for our push into Russia. Our OKL anticipates a fierce confrontation with the VVS who will throw everything they have into the breach to regain air supremacy in the region. The Russians are hell bent on destroying the 1st Parachute Division and retaking that airbase.  19th Panzer can expect heavy resistance to try and block our unit from reinforcing this unit. 

We will split our ground forces into two Kampfgruppen, West and East and will rejoin after targeting enemy strongholds which are separated by several kilometers.  We will then rejoin and take the rail hub and secure the lines all the way to the embattled 1st Parachute Division at Kuniya.  After securing that location, we will attack and hold the town of Kuniya and repair, rearm and rest for the next days mission.

Our Luftwaffe has a plan of attack as well, but with listening enemy VVS forces out there, we will keep these under wraps for now.  The VVS will be out in force and our air components will be player vs player, so it should be a very interesting air battle.

Plenty of room for air and ground signups...SCG will be going "Dead is Dead" so this will be a very serious mission for our ground units.  

Mission start time will be 2PM EST,  01/03/21.  

Thanks All

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Update on the mission.  SCG_Meka is gone on holiday and we have no participation numbers from the French Flyers.  It's looking like the VVS will be AI again, and we might limit our air attendance to JG1 and SCG only to keep from recreating that problem we had last mission with too many OKL and not enough opposition.  We'll see how it shapes up in the morning.


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