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TNS Sunday Jan 10


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S! All


We will be doing TnS Sunday, 10 January a 2:15 Eastern North American time and will run for 3 hours and 15 minutes. The extra 15 minutes is so people can log in and form up. A green flare will mark the official start.


This will be the Stalingrad winter map.


Please remember:


Any tank can change a flag.

You need a Commander tank to capture a flag.

The HQ for a captured flag must be in the destroyed condition to capture a base and turn it to friendly.

If you destroy the HQ, the Supply Depot sends out a repair convoy to the HQ. The convoy takes 30 minutes to arrive at the HQ.

IF you destroy the supply depot before destroying the HQ, the supply depot can not send out a repair convoy.

The HQ and supply depot are best bombed from high altitude. Flak down low is very dangerous.


Blue is friendly. Red is enemy. Make sure you do not have Russians always red selected.  This is in settings/flight interface  color.


tns  S w 2.jpg

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