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IL-2 BoX Screenshot Thread

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Some screens again from nice action I had toghter last days

On Friday several missions at finnish virtual (old server) with @Erhardt, @=GenMarkof007=, @Heinrich, @Greif, @loopy and @Pragr, at one mission we went for a depot with Heinrich in MC 202, Greif in a 109 and the rest in a nice 110 formation: 20210312_1.thumb.jpg.93dec3c1d838451abd4b86877ececf75.jpg20210312_2.thumb.jpg.845051fd301bde294f7337634f545323.jpg20210312_3.thumb.jpg.5b3b59eb59e4f739c08c8f0a95e665cf.jpg    


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...and just before @Vonrd, @=GenMarkof007=, @loopy, @Greif and me had lot's of action at the finnish virtual loos deuce one; @Pragr also participated partially in tanks. 

Screens taken out of the last mission where we attacked depot again, Greif in an A5 (sadly lost during the action) and the rest in 110s:


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Btw Guys, 2 additional points to mention after I checked the stats at Finnish VirtualPilots & Loose Deuce (IL2 stats) (loose-deuce.org) 

1st) Don't forget to register at JG1 via the link posted by Britchot here: 

2nd) Just for Info for @loopy & @GreifSeems there was never any Tempest around, only Spitfires 😉


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Some impressions from todays TIF Dry-Run. 

1st set of Pics is attack on Kartoffel HQ with @J30_Reinamann and me in A20 in a low level attack.

Pics 1 - 3 is my run with dropping 20x100s in one row with a delay of (I think) 0.1 seconds (maybe I set to 0.25 but I don't think so). Anyhow the range covered HQ area pretty well


Reinamann finally finished Objective, but ground fire shot off his rudder... unbelievable he was able to land at the refuel and repair base with that plane 20210403_4.thumb.jpg.83026a786a6197a4ce18aeedc1e4537b.jpg20210403_5.thumb.jpg.0a703d1eea5cb0c137cfe157a6995d45.jpg


2nd set is out of the run on the northern HQ, where @Pragr first scored some hits from high altitude, before I went in with P-38


Package delivered....


Was great fun today!!





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These are two pictures from the high altitude run.

Bombs away!



The string of sixteen 100 kg bombs with 0.1 ripple interval exploding right on the target2021_4_4__7_3_23.thumb.jpg.f47766372c6ee05d826500386da3a14e.jpg

I had no idea how the HQ is structured therefore I started the drop once the aiming point crossed the outer wall and lay the path across the center. According to the later information, only houses inside the pentagon are counted as valid target thus next time I should aim on the sides of the pentagon rather than go for center.

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Me and Heinrich discussed the effectiveness of A-20 in anti tank role. I performed few quick play tests and this is result.

First figure shows the situation after three four-bomb runs on three moving Pz IVG. All tanks were destroyed for expanse of 12 100 kg bombs. I made additional attack to illustrate how the A-20 attack profile can be so effective even against tank that try to perform evasive action.


Second figure shows the string of four bombs bracketing the target. I marked three bombs using red circles. Fourth one is not visible here since it hit the tank directly. The separation between bombs is as large as one and half length of PzIVG. The biggest advantage of such approach is that the tank has basically no chance to avoid sever damage. If it moves forward or backward it will be hit by previous of subsequent bomb. There is no time for lateral movement. Additionally, bombs skip at such level flight profile often improving the accuracy even more since there is chance it hit the tank after the skip (in general, rather drop bombs sooner than later).


The last figure shows explosion of bomb number two and three from previous figure.  So if you attack the tank from front or back, there is very limited option for tank of what to do to prevent seriously damage.


For all who are not interested, I'm sorry for useless post :)


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One additional figure. This shows how easy the aiming actually is. The picture is taken in the exact moment I dropped the bomb.


95 to 100 percent of throttle, 85 to 90 percent rpm (simply max continues setting). Altitude slightly above the tree tops. Drop mode sets to four bomb salvo, 2 s fuse delay, ripple interval of 0.1 seconds. Default 0.05 interval offers more concentrated drop but you have to be confident of your skill. In my opinion, 0.1 second is the best trade off between  aiming error elimination and target area saturation. You drop salvo once the target disappears below the nose (you can see the smoke from already destroyed tanks).

This attack resulted in the bracketing the target on figures in my previous post.

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Hi Pragr,

I tried the low level attacks as shown but my results weren't as satisfying as yours... 😪. The issues I found is that the altitude and airspeed are pretty critical. My sight picture for the drop was also a bit different from yours. Maybe due to pilot head position? The other issue for me was that the wing bombs come off first (I believe... I'm not sure since I had unlimited ammo set) and they dispersed to the sides. 


Here is the point of drop on low level. Note the sight picture. Also note the wing bombs dropping first. This was "drop all" with the minimum interval of 0.05 seconds.a.thumb.jpg.7577ba7f25739c43ce50ac58bdc4740a.jpg





Note that some went wide and some long. Tank was destroyed though so... success!e.jpg



This is my preferred attack. 20 deg glide bomb. Power is set at continuous settings and never changed. Bomb setting at "drop four bombs and the minimum interval of 0.05 seconds.g.jpg




Note sight picture is the bottom of the glass.j.jpg



It doesn't seem that there is much difference in bomb splash position due to minor variations in airspeed or dive angle (emphasis on MINOR). This glide bomb attack is also my preference for Jabo attack but the advantage with the A20 (and it's a SIGNIFICANT advantage) is the ability to select multiple bombs with one button press. No matter how quickly I press the button in Jabo, I can't match that 0.05 sec interval. I just wish that there was a quantity option between 4 bombs and all bombs.


Of course, everyone will have different preferences but the only way to know what works best for you is to practice all methods. Here is a link to the Tank Busting Practice mission that I was using. Jade Monkey did the original. I just changed the Player plane to the A20.



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The first three pictures show that you're way lower than I was in my drops. That's probably why you overshoot most of the bombs. You're right that the wing bombs goes off first, hence the first attack should be performed from side rather than lengthwise.

Anyway, there is not the one and only effective attack profile. I just wanted to demonstrate that with some practice, the A-20 is very effective tank killer. This could solve or help to solve the issue of German tanks camping our spawn point. 

I suppose there is the mission to download in that link. I tried it today.

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