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TnS Sun. 7 Feb 2021


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S! All

This will be on Stalingrad Winter map.

We will be using the three flag capture system. You need to control 2 out of three flags, have a commander tank visit two flags and destroy the associated HQ.

Server comes up at 1:45 pm Eastern North American time. People may spawn in and check loadouts. Official start is 2:00 pm when the flare goes off.

plane set

RUSSIAN FRONT circa 1942 (Stalingrad):

  • Russian Fighter
    • LaGG-3 Series 29
    • Yak-1 Series 69
  • Russian Attack
    • IL-2 AM-38 (model 1942)
  • Russian Bomber
    • Pe-2 Series 35


  • German Fighter
    • Bf 109 F-4
    • Bf 109 G-2
  • German Attack
    • Bf 110E-2
  • German Bomber
    • He 111 H-6
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