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IL2 update


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I just posted in the update discussion.   Early  impression to me is that the A(letdown)6    is not at all what alot of people expected.


"The Fw 190 A-6 was developed to address shortcomings found in previous "A" models when attacking U.S. heavy bombers. Modifications of the type to date had caused the weight of the aircraft to creep up. To combat this and to allow better weapons to be installed in the wings, a structurally redesigned lighter, stronger wing was introduced. The normal wing armament was increased to four 20 mm MG 151/20E wing root and outer wing cannon with larger ammunition boxes while retaining the two MG 17 fuselage machine guns. New electrical sockets and reinforced weapon mounts were fitted internally in the wings to allow the installation of either 20 mm or 30 mm (1.18 in) ammunition boxes as well as for underwing armament"   Wikipedia  , may be wrong


I downloaded the update as soon as I got home from wok and was really looking fwd to trying out the A6  against some bombers......   Now unless I'm missing something, I checked 3 times,  it appears there is no option for the twin mg151 gunpods that you can load on the A5, in addition, there is no  MK108 load.  SO  if this A6 was indeed developed with a lighter, stronger wing to carry heavier armament to more effectively deal with heavy bombers, then why do the variants we can get  have less capability in that area than the A5 ?      Seems to me  like in that regard we have a monstrous FAIL. 

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I was testing the A6 yesterday on CombatBox.

Great fighter. Faster in level than A5 and A8. Climbs better than A8. Dives better than A5. About the same firepower as A8.

Didn't miss the MK108. 4x mg151/20 are great.

Had no death wish to miss the gunpods. In fact I don't know anyone who used them on MP server and survived.

The Fighter/Bomber options are also nice.

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Basically,  we got an easy plane or them to do without having to do hardly any work.  The work that was done  limited the options of  the plane  so that imho,  we just have a fluffer  for the A8.   I have flown the A5  and A8 on combat box,  and specifically in the Anti-Bomber role, the A8  w/ the 30mm  is the best, the A5  with the twin 151 gunpods  second.  Now it's not  going to fly well but vs bombers,  say  B25's in the mitchells men mission  the 6 20mm  are superior to the 4.   The loadouts in the Jabo  role, are again, a disappointment.  There is no option or carrying  just  2  250kg wing bombs,   that goes for the A8 as well,  you have to haul the central bomb holder.  That  sucks  because that looks to me like the cause for most of the speed loss  after bomb drop  due to the drag  in the wheel well area.   I'll fly the plane some I'm sure but not if I want to go anti-bomber role.  I have heard  some say that it's for historic accuracy,  which I call a lot of  bs  when you consider that this plane is one of a couple new german ones we get with Normandy.   This plane  is mainly  set up for jabo,  you can add some armor for a speed penalty.  The germans,  in normandy and the western front as a whole  were  mainly concentrating  on.....   bomber defense, not jabo attacks.  Now in russia, jabo was probably used more  which is probably why we get an eastern front  styled ac  for use in a western front campaign game.    Additionally, the FW's  that got the 1.65 ATA  engines with the C3,  it's a real shame that you can only get that  with some  idiotic  jabo loadout. Does anyone really believe that  a bunch of these AC never  had the wing hardpoints and the underbelly coffin removed at times ?   These guys  act like it was not simply a matter  of removing a few things and putting back  some aluminum panels.  v

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