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Roundel Racing Suzuki Alto "Sunday Cup" !!!


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Suzuki Alto Sunday Cup Schedule:

Rd.1) Autumn Ring - March 7th, 2021

Rd.2) Deep Forest Raceway - March 14th, 2021

Rd.3) Trial Mountain Circuit - March 21st, 2021

Rd.4) Grand Valley Speedway - March 28th, 2021

After a two week break from championship events, the 2nd Roundel Racing championship will help beginner drivers ease into some slower, easier cars with the 660CC Suzuki Alto FF Kei Car! 

Hope to see you all there, #required_tracks , #required_cars and #entry_and_signup contain the usual downloads and information!

Don't forget to check out #skinning_modding_etc if you want to make a custom skin for this championship!

Drivers of all skill and experience levels are welcome - invite your friends if they'd be interested!


If we have a lot of signups and people desire more races, we can always add more! After only getting 14 signups and 9 unique drivers for the TZ cup, I doubt it heavily, but you neverk now!

All races begin at 1600GMT - qualifying runs for 4 hours before the event begins until the Race-1 start time

One thing I've been thinking of doing for the combination Driving/Flying members of the squadron is adding an early evening time slot around 4:00PM US CST for the league for you guys to be able to come race and not have it clash with Squadron flights/tourney's on Sunday evenings. If you would like this separate "US" time slot/race split because the current 10AM CST/4:00PM GMT slot doesn't work for you then please let me know and I can schedule more than one race time on Sundays! 




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Thread bump for Time-zone change announcement:

Roundel Racing now STARTS races at 1900GMT/1300 US CST on Sundays

So if you want to get involved for the new slightly more US friendly time slot, please sign up for our next beginner friendly championship starting on March 7th at the following link: https://roundelracing1.emperorservers.com/championships

I will be using ACSR for this championship. the same management and signup/player tracking system that Main JG1RT and Snaggle currently use! 

Would love to see some more of the guys there! 

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