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Reverb G2 caveat


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Got my Reverb G2 on Tuesday.   After some struggles with inexperience and sparse instructions I got it working.    Mapped out a play area, did some exploring in the WMR cliff house, and finally started IL2 to see how it looks out of the box.    Il2 started up, loading WMR and SteamVR, and looked pretty good in the hanger.   As I was trying to figure out how to move the menu  WMR presented me with an error code 4-1 : usb connection failure.

Tried new ports, reboots, connection checks, nothing changed.  To make a long story short, there are legions of buyers who have encountered this  and other connection error codes (1-4, 7-14).   I have yet to read a post that has resolved the issue.   Some say they have called HP and been told "it sounds like a cable problem" and were told a new cable would be sent out.... in a couple of months.

The weak consensus that I'm picking up is that it seems to be either faulty manufacturing on the usb-c end of the connection cable, or a hardware incompatibility (particularly certain AMD chipsets), or both.     Those that don't have the problem like the headset.  Those that have a connection problem are screwed.    The odd part is that most of the posts I've read talk about seeing the G2 work for a while and then throw the error code (like mine).    Once the error starts however it does not go away.

I'm fortunate in that I bought mine from a reputable company I do photo business with and they will take it back.    I highly recommend doing the same if you want to give the G2 a try.

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Wow that sucks. 

Just spitballing here but are you sure the posts refer to the G2? The G1 had a well known problem with its cabling, specifically where it connected to the headset being a weak point. I have not heard of any problems with the G2. 

If you havent already pulled the trigger to send it back I would head over to the VR4DCS discord. A buddy of mine that goes by Thud runs it & hes a guru of all things VR. 



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I have occasionally a failed to connect message also with my G2. I disconnect the USB and DP cables. Shut down and restart WMR/Steam VR and reconnect the cables. That works with my set. Strange enough the USB C is not recognised so I use a 3.1 port with the extra DC-power cable.

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Yeah, its strange and varied.    I'm going to keep an eye on the connection issue and hope to try the G2 again.    I did like it for about  30 minutes 🥴

Here are a couple of the threads about the issue:




Heinrich, thanks for the graphics settings.   Having had a brief interlude with WMR I'm still interested to see how it should be set up (assuming I can get the translation 🙂 )

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