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Tank N Spank Feb 21, 2021


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S! All

This will be on Stalingrad Winter ma, actually a continuation of the last session in which Allies won all three areas.

We will be using the three flag capture system. You need to control 2 out of three flags, have a commander tank visit two flags and destroy the associated HQ.

Server comes up at 1:45 pm Eastern North American time. People may spawn in and check loadouts. Official start is 2:00 pm when the flare goes off.

plane set

RUSSIAN FRONT circa 1942 (Stalingrad):

  • Russian Fighter
    • LaGG-3 Series 29
    • Yak-1 Series 69
  • Russian Attack
    • IL-2 AM-38 (model 1942)
  • Russian Bomber
    • Pe-2 Series 35


  • German Fighter
    • Bf 109 F-4
    • Bf 109 G-2
  • German Attack
    • Bf 110E-2
  • German Bomber
    • He 111 H-6
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New from the front.


Der KreigenBlatt

The Russian winter continues to take its toll on our men and machines. Our forces at Schindelsmertz made good advances early in the day. Territory around Peskovatka was under our control. It was not to be. Overwhelming Soviet forces swept around from the south. Our brave men put up a good fight but were eventually over run by Soviet forces. Schindelsmertz was lost.


Although our forces in the south were greatly outnumber they held out. We were able to get some planes in the air. These few dealt several blows to the enemy as well as protect our forces. The day was almost done when our Japanese comrades switched sides and stabbed us in the back. As the sun set, a blood curdling BANZAI !!!!! cry rang out. A lone pilot destroyed Gertrude HQ. Demoralized, our tired and frozen men were forced to fall back to protect our supply area. Forward base Gertude was captured by Soviet forces.

Pray for our men that were captured by these Cossack fiends.

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