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Kuban Summer Map-1943 "Tanks Only"


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This will be a tanks only mission PVP, Soviet T34-43/Shermans against Tiger tanks.  However, the Germans will be facing a lot of AI out in the field in addition to Soviet human players.  I am in hopes that this will offset the Tiger advantage to a large extent.  In addition, the terrain is such that it limits the Tigers big gun advantage with a lot of rectangular fields surrounded by strips of trees and brush.  This limits the range advantage and gives the Soviets an opportunity to sneak in closer.  Front lines will be the river, however some Soviets have been spotted on the east side.  Preliminary map is included...but I'm still crafting the mission....


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On April 26th in the late afternoon, Heavy Panzer Regiment GD, 9th Kompanie pushed the Soviets out of Bzhedukhovskaya and across the river.  With the fading light it was decided that they would rest and rearm before crossing the river the morning of the 27th.  Their Commander, Hpt. Peter Jager decided to split the Kompanie into two components and position near both bridge crossings in an effort to confuse the Soviets as to the exact objective.  In truth, the east side of the river wasn't totally cleared from the days fighting and there was no way to be certain the Soviets weren't watching his every move, especially since his lighting offensive that day had placed the Panzer Grenadiers some distance to the east and at least a days march from the action.  Heavy overcast skies prevented any effective air recon of the Soviet positions, but some intelligence had been gleaned from several sources indicating the 4th Guards Forward position.  In addition, previous recon had confirmed the location of two Supply Depots in the town of Assokolay, which needed to be captured and the booty converted to German use and distribution if at all possible.


The final objective of the day would be the town of Ponezhukay where the Kompanie would resupply, rearm and provide some much needed maintenance on the Tigers.  Some Russian deserters had indicated a fairly strong contigent of armor with a mixed complement of both T-34's and Shermans.   The Soviets had been using a tactic of towing pak AT behind their T-34s and releasing them at key locations of the battlefield, forming "Pak Fronts".  The quantity and concealment of these weapons had proved very effective and intelligence indicated that Soviet AT weapons were plentiful.   Indications were the bridge crossings would be guarded in the morning and most likely with some armor.  Weather conditions for the 27th would be continued overcast with low cloud ceiling protecting the ground units movements from enemy air attack, but it would also mean no recon opportunities as well.  The Soviets were positioned well and tomorrow wasn't going to be easy.  Still, the big Tigers were a feared weapon and if confronted would wreak havoc on anything in their path.

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