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“Premonition of Death”

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Hello, first off thank you for making and supporting this awesome mod. I have a few questions about DCG. 

I am getting a strange issue where after I land my plane and end the mission, I get a “premonition of death” even though I did not die and I returned to my home airport. This has happened 3 times out of about 30 or so flights I’ve done in my campaign. I seem to recall that each time it happened, My plane did take some very light damage during the mission but did I not get wounded or have any systems malfunction. I always park just a few meters off the runway when I finish a mission, and then do some pretty significant time compression to allow the rest of the action to play out. Would it help if I parked in the area where the rest of my squad parks? Or if I exited my plane after landing? If I were to exit my plane landed at my home base, would it count my plane as a loss? 

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Do you have the "Stats Reset On Death" unchecked in the options list?  (I assume so.)  It's been so long since I tested with it unchecked, some funny bug may have been introduced at some point without my noticing.  I'll have a look.

Meanwhile, as Fhechene said, if you have it happen again, post your log for that mission.

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