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FIF 2021 "Winter Campaign" - Session B4 (Saturday, 20 March 2021)

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The FIF 2021 "Winter Campaign" has officially come to an end!

Congratulations to both the Blue Team and the Red Team on their outstanding performances!

After 8-weeks of heavy fighting in the skies over Kolomyya, the Blue Team has emerged victorious, winning both Phase A and Phase B!

This campaign was extremely exciting, with many great battles.  The early warbirds definitely seemed to add to the challenge, and it was fantastic to see formations of Sikorsky S-22's creep across the front-lines like lumbering titans.

Flanders In Flames will return after a very short break!  Over the next few months, we will be time travelling about 30 years into the future, offering the greater simming community an IL-2-based dead-is-dead tournament for the Second World War called Tanks In Flames.  We hope to see you all there!

Thanks again to everyone who made this Flanders event successful.  Let us lift our glasses filled with our favorite libations and toast our virtual opponents.  Prost!  Salut!


German officers of Flieger Abteilung 280 have a party at a house where they are stationed near the Western Front, in this 1918 handout picture.
To celebrate the conclusion of the Winter Campaign, here is the FIF campaign ribbon.

Blue for the Blue Team.  Red for the Red Team.  Yellow just because.

Large version:


Small version:


And as always, thank you to every pilot who flew!

Without your continued support, this tournament would not be able to function!

The scores for Session B4 are shown below.

. . .

FIF 2021 "Winter Campaign" - B4 Results (Saturday, 20 March 2021)
Blue (Entente) Objectives Completed: 9

  1. Factory destroyed
  2. Artillery completed
  3. Reconnaissance of front lines completed
  4. HQ recon completed
  5. Bridge destroyed
  6. Aerodrome completed
  7. Prisoner Rescue completed
  8. Trench attack completed
  9. Wreath Drop completed

Red (Central) Objectives Completed: 9

  1. Espionage completed
  2. Artillery completed
  3. Aerodrome destroyed
  4. Bridge destroyed
  5. Strategic recon completed
  6. Espion target destroyed
  7. Front line unit destroyed
  8. Strategic ship destroyed
  9. Wreath Drop completed

Total "Phase B" Objectives Completed (PHASE B FINAL):
Blue Team = 11 + 14 + 10 + 944 = 1 PHASE POINT
Red Team = 14 + 10 + 7 + 9 = 40 = 0 PHASE POINT

Total "Phase A" Objectives Completed (PHASE A FINAL) :
Blue Team = 13 + 14 + 9 + 10 = 46 = 1 PHASE POINT
Red Team = 5 + 9 + 13 + 15 = 42 = 0 PHASE POINT
. . .
Server Stat Information: http://fif.jg1.org/mission/10451/
. . .
Server Screenshots:






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