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We added pictures of the aircraft spawn locations. This should help orient pilots to their location relative to the runway.

You always spawn at the end of the runway and perpendicular to the runway. You will need to pull forward some 50 m or so.

When you spawn in. look for the wind sock. When you pull onto the runway, turn towards the windsock. This should give you the maximum length of runway.


Pictures are here in the map section.

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 After last Saturday, we've made some modifications to the map.  Below is a partial list.  If there are any questions, just post below:

  1. F2 (external view) functionality will be removed. It was accidently left on in the first dry-run.
  2. The "commander tank" appears to be a resource drain. @Butzzell has removed it.  All flags are now pure captures.
  3. New aircraft are being added for people without the Battle of Bodenplatte module: the Bf 109F-4 (BOS) and the Yak-1 series 69 (BOS).
  4. Despite the request, we will not add the free tanks.  There are too many bugs with them.  Players who don't have Tank Crew can still drive or gun for someone who does have Tank Crew.
  5. I've added a Blue Team section to JG1's TeamSpeak.
  6. Butzzell has attempted to widen the defenses around the tank spawn areas.  They'll still be susceptible to shelling, but from much longer range.
  7. Air and ground battle-zones will now be restricted to just one sector at a time.  Once a sector is captured by a team, the game will select another sector to open. It will keep doing this until all sectors have been claimed.
  8. We have added an extra wooden bridge in the Northern sector to allow for crossing should the stone bridge at that location be destroyed.

To see #7 and #8 in practice, here is a map:



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