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In all seriousness, though.  I thought it was about two weeks, because we have a major update to Open Beta upcoming.  It'll have the new clouds and new propellers for the WW2 aircraft.  And it made sense for them to include the Hind in that, as they were pushing a ton of videos and had already opened pre-orders.  Oh well...

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1 hour ago, Vonrd said:

'K... pre-ordered. I also got the KA-50 after seeing Trev fly it. Sooo much easier to control than the Huey but I got's to keep flying the Huey to keep up my skills.

Do you have the Hip?  That's a beast to fly but damn she's fast. 

I'm learning the Ka-50, finally.  I've only owned it for 10 years or so and only sat in the cockpit once. I figure if I need to do single pilot, modern map, helo CAS, that'll be easier than the Mi-24.

Then again, bring a MiG-21 in hot!

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17 minutes ago, Lipfert said:


I flew the Mi-8 last night for the first time, basically have no idea what I'm doing but it was really fun. Just need to study up on flying it now.


I just started flying it as well.  It's a lot of fun, but I'm definitely still learning.

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