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S! All

This Saturday is the last Dry Run before hostilities begin.   

Some changes

  1. F2 functionality will be removed. It was accidently on in the first dry-run.
  2. The commander tank is a resource drain. It has been removed. Right now, all flags are pure capture.
  3. We added new aircraft for people without Bodenplatte: the Bf 109F-4 (BOS) and the Yak-1 series 69 (BOS)
  4. Because Red team has few people in tanks, air and ground battle-zones will now be restricted to just one sector at a time.  Once a sector is captured by a team, the game will select another sector to open.  It will keep doing this until all sectors have been claimed.  This can be changed back in the future.
  5. We added an extra wooden bridge in the Northern sector to allow crossing if the stone bridge is destroyed.
  6. Despite the request, we will not add the free tanks.  There are too many bugs.
  7. I've added a Blue Team section to JG1's TS.  Everyone recheck your whispers!
  8. Tank spawn defenses have been widened.
  9. This will be Dead is Dead for pilots. This will give us info on plane numbers.
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