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thrustmaster mfd cougar pack

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Guys, I have a Question regarding that Thrustmaster MDF cougar pack I guess some JG1 Pilots might have in use:

Thrustmaster MFD Cougar Pack - Pack mit 2: Amazon.de: Computer & Zubehör

 Point is: Up to now I never took a close look on this device as I thought these are really some displays specially designed for Jet Simulators.

But as I understand it now after checking more in detail, those are simply 2 additional game controllers with plenty of additional assignable buttons => Is this the case?

And if yes: Do they work in IL2 BoX? Because if this is the case I finally found what I was looking for eternities and even at a very reasonable price!! 🙂

So anyone of other JG1-Oseau-Pilots have them in use and can confirm if they are working with IL2-BoX?

Thanks / Salute


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Yes and Yes.

Basically button boxes and plug / play. I just slide a piece of paper into the middle and write what the buttons do..."bomb bay" , "Boost", etc. I did make a photoshop with text boxes to print up for individual games but I've been too lazy recently to fill it in and print. Maybe in the future.

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