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"The Devil's Trick: How Canada Fought the Vietnam War."


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As mentioned last night online, John Boyko has written "The Devil's Trick: How Canada Fought the Vietnam War". My big brother Doug Carey 1st Div. 27th Bat. Marine Corp has a chapter about his involvement. One amazing thing that happened was Doug's friend (Dane Brown) found a photo that was lost in time since I think 1968, we've not seen this one before.

Notice the high tech gear being used by the tunnel rat (Doug).




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The guy that taught my Highschool JROTC was in SEA US Army, and he talked about the tunnel rats a lot. Incredible.... bravery is one thing, but to have the courage to go into that hell is beyond understanding or even appreciation.  I know that there were not many of them, and it was something not even more than a few could manage to even attempt much less complete the task.  That is a huge WOW....   no words for that. 


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Yeah, no kidding.. .i can;t imagine. I don't like being underground AT ALL... not caves, not caverns...nothing. I don't like ANYTHING over my head...  Flying was great, I was always looking down.  Can't say it enough...  can NOT imagine doing that. My old sergeant told incredible stories about what those guys said, and found in those tunnels... and it was EXACTLY as the picture depicted... that 90° US Army flashlight in one hand and a .45 in the other. 

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I have had something to drink tonight and that usually allows me to conjure up images and memories... and this is a subject I really would not care to remember but I do recall him saying that the VC were quite at home in the tunnels, they were dug with intentional spaces for hiding and defending and they had centuries of practice.  Giving such an advantage to your enemy... the complete and total familiarity with the environment and having preplanned positions from which to counter attack any intruder...  Only sheer guts and determination could overcome that... and probably more than a reasonable amount of luck. 

Not me....  I wasn't going unless I got to fly. My draft number was 014 and I tried to enlist when I was 16 (1972) because I wanted to fly the AH-1.  Going down in that tunnel...    not even an option.  I still have my draft card from May 30, 1974.  It was over by then...    my buddy 2 houses down was pissed because he drew a number like 25.... and when he found out I was 14 he was all happy.  He said... "I am going to be in the back of the boat kicking Larry out... go get'em buddy.....

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