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Spring Offensive - Operation Michael - special congrats to a few JG1 Pilots

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S! All,

I would like to congratulate (3) members of JG1 for fighting again over France (in Flying Circus), for the last 4 weekend in the J5 Spring Offensive - Operation Michael. It was a blast to share some great moments with JG1 pilots and many other squadrons pilots playing on the Entente side.

Special congrats to:

- JG1_Lee (mostly 2 seater in sectors B and C)
- JG1_Hotlead (mostly fighter in different sectors)
- JG1_GenMarkof (mostly fighter in sectors B and C)

After some great aerial fights, here are a few overall numbers for this campaign:

706 planes downed
284 ground targets destroyed
750 hours flown
104 players
4 missions flown over 4 weeks with inconclusive results/objectives won
4 draws

Central fails to persuade Entente to meet at the negotiating table
America arrives on the shores of Europe


I want to thank Jasta 5 and @J5_Baeumer for organizing another great tournament. It was the 11th time we were dogfighting over France in April 1917 or 1918.

I hope that Flying Circus Vol. II will bring more planes and elements for future WW1 campaigns.



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