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A few pictures of the Multiplayer skins of the GAZ-MM - German and Russian!

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S! All,
Until we get the Sd.Kfz. 10/5 Flak 38 (20mm) Vehicle Mounted Anti-Aircraft Gun...
We are trying to see if we can use the GAZ-MM truck for multiplayer campaigns or missions with lock skins for the Germans and the Russians.

These photos were taking after a 15 min test I did tonight... I will change the Russian camo so we can have a more distinct visual between the German and the Russian truck.
ps: numbers are from IL2 game (edit by the player in the setup of the truck)!
Russian skins
About the GAZ-MM Russian truck!
The GAZ-MM was a double-axle 1.5-ton truck used for both general purpose and specialized purposes by the Soviet Union during WWII. It was a licensed copy of the American built Ford-AA truck, albeit a simpler version with a more powerful motor than the original GAZ-AA truck. At the outbreak of WWII the Soviet Union had over 150,000 vehicles in use and by the end of it’s production run there were nearly 1 million vehicles built. During the war, several different versions of the GAZ-MM appeared, some with no doors, bumpers and some with no front brakes and only one headlight. These changes were made to keep production costs and time as simple as possible. It was a rugged truck and served the Soviet Union well during the war.

The Soviet 25mm automatic air-defense gun M1940 or 72-K as it was known was designed for protecting infantry units from air attack. It was normally mounted on a four-wheeled carriage that could be towed by a truck or other vehicle. It had a slant range of up to 2.4km and could hit aerial targets up to 2km in altitude. The gun could also be used against ground targets and light vehicles if necessary. It was manned by a six-person crew and was an automatic weapon with rounds loaded from the top via a feeding mechanism. The 72-K saw extensive use by the Soviet Union’s armed forces for many years only being finally phased out in the 1960s.

When loaded into the bed of a GAZ-MM truck it becomes a mobile AAA battery allowing you to protect an armored column, supply convoy, infantry unit or a stationary target like an airbase with accurate and deadly fire.

Our GAZ-MM 72-K can be used in both single-player and multiplayer scenarios and it will include several custom-made missions to demonstrate its ability at knocking down enemy planes.
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  • GenMarkof changed the title to A few pictures of the Multiplayer skins of the GAZ-MM - German and Russian!

@GenMarkof, the only thing I noticed that I can comment on is that you're using very similar colors for both the Russians and the Germans.  And even though the camo patterns are different, flying over them at 300kph is going to make it hard to tell friend from foe.

Maybe for the German, something resembling the SdKfz 251? 

Like this all tan?


Or perhaps a spotted pattern?



Other than that one thing, they look awesome!

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14 minutes ago, Klaiber said:

the only thing I noticed that I can comment on is that you're using very similar colors for both the Russians and the Germans.

S! Klaiber,

I will change the camo in the next few days... this version was done tonight in 15 minutes as a test... so that SCG_Neun and SCG_Hitmannn can verify if they can lock a custom skins in a multiplayer server,... if this works, then I will do a complete different skin for the German version of the Gaz-MM!


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S! All, here is the temporary link to download the GAZ-MM skins... even people that don't have the truck should download it, so that all tankers or pilots that will play online can see the same 'Custom' skins!

Download link: https://we.tl/t-Lz9tpI8e6j  - this is a temporary link - 7 days... it will be replace soon with a JG1 download link!
Pretty easy to install... just unzip the data file, drop in the Main IL2 BOX folder and you are ready to view or use them!


ps: for now, I won't use any Gray or more Yellow colors, so that the German version is not an easy target like the German tank skins. We are hoping that the German version of the truck will be available soon! To help the planes to identify it, I have added some emblems on the top of the trucks... and they are bigger!

---------- GAZ-MM German skins








---------- GAZ-MM Russian skins






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