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A-10 Warthog Pilots Are Using The Digital Combat Simulator Video Game To Train In VR


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46 minutes ago, Snaggle said:

The Point Control Hand controllers, anyone use them??

USED to have them, it was a 9mo wait for mine & didnt really care for it. There is allot of tinkering involved in getting them working well but I have gotten to the age where I hate tinkering with settings so I sold them a cpl months ago. I have some buddies that swear by them & say if it were to break they wouldnt be able to fly without them. 

As in all things, to each his own & YMMV. 

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I finally found (=made) the time to calibrate the finger taps. Awesome. Very happy with the result, reach out your hand L or R press one of the buttons on the FCU to activate a switch, dial, button etc. More immersive and a lot faster than a mouse.

As an extra I have on the mask 2 rows of 3 buttons which are connected as QWE-RTY and can be bound as a key.

I haven’t tested it yet in SC.

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