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Big Wish - New "War Map" Panel


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I fly Ghost Skies which I believe is based upon DCG as the mission generator for the online battle server. I believe additionally crew in this squad are quite actively involved in GS both as participants and technical advisers and developers.


I key feature of GS is the War Map. The War map is a "snapshot" of the ground scenario based on results from the previous mission. It details friendly column positions and planned destination for next mission along with territory occupied/contested by allied/axis forces. Basically, its a view of the battle map following a given mission based on the results of that mission.


For DCG, is it possible to add this type of feature as a new DCG UI panel? Basically the new panel would display the map for the given campaign, highlighted routes based upon the campaign design, associated territories connected by routes and their respective status, and location/destination of friendly ground columns/positions.


The new panel would be updated per mission based upon data from the event log tied to ground activity and basically use the same info DCG currently uses to track campaign progress. Addition would be a "visual representation" for the player to see the battlefield in planning for the next mission.


Note, perhaps even an initial effort for the new panel would be the map display and route lines. This would give the player an idea where ground/shipping traffic may be located when scouting areas during mission.


All in all, for offline mission planning, it would be quite a nice feature!





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Such a feature is really outside of the scope of DCG - which was initially meant for players to get their mission from the generator and then go and fly it. There was never any intention of giving the players more control/knowledge of the situation beyond their orders.


To add that now would require some serious effort and to include it with the actual in-game maps would increase the download size exponentially.


So, you can dream, but the reality is that it's unlikely to ever be a part of DCG. That said, there's nothing stopping anyone from creating an add-on that strips all that info out of the DCG data files and displays it (like I believe GS already does).

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Yea, I think the important feature would be to see the DCG defined routes for a given campaign. Basically in DCG, specific routes are set and if the user knew the routes, the could fly along the routes to look for targets of opportunity. I was thinking that this "map" view would actually be a new panel inside dcg as compared to seeing it in-game. Thus, inside DCG, the user would see a new panel available which would display the game map and an overlay of all routes tied to a given campaign along with perhaps a color coding to distinguish route type.


Would be great to have for SA, especially if user likes "free hunting" during a mission.

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