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Combined Arms, for July 11th


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Greetings JG1,

I am going to host a Sunday CA event for SCG and wanted to extend an invitation to JG1 to take on the VVS responsibilities of the mission.  This would be a PVP in the air, and tanks vs AI on the ground with a heavy concentration of AT, artillery and AI tanks to keep the panzers struggling.   I'm not sure what kind of sign up I'm going to get from SCG Air Wing, but would be happy with 6 to a max of 8 for air combat pilots for each side.  The panzers would be tasked with the offensive push on this one and need to advance up the roadway and take some fortified positions.  

Just throwing this out there.  Please let me know if anyone from JG1 would be interested in this, so I can build out the mission accordingly.


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Guys we switched it back to VVS AI for us.  You are still welcomed to join, just no pvp in the air.  If someone wants to augment the VVS air cover by flying VVS it will spice up the mission, but I've got a lot of ground flak fire and AI VVS fighters in the area, so it's not a big deal if we don't have pvp in the air.  Thanks


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