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My daughters 2nd successfull landing...


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Finally I found the time to create a vid of my recording of the 2nd successfull landing of my daughter (The 1st save touch down happened pretty suprising, so I did not film it, but the 2nd one I did record.) 😉

It was already more than 3 months ago, few days before her 5th birthday, but was too busy in last months to create and upload it:

She really had exclusive control over the Joystick and the throttle and acting on my instructions, while had rudder and view control.


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Thx for your reactions!

Of course I was absolutely proud of her.... especially after the 1st landing! We did allready few rounds in the air with different WW1 birds from time to time but not so much.. and then (few days before this filmed landing happened) we flew around and I asked her => look, there is an airfield, do you wanna try a landing? yes! 

So I simply told her how to move to the "crosswind-approach" (well I set the wind to 0 of course) and when she should turn into final, and I gave instructions like "put the nose a litte bid down or up"... "move slightly to the right or left" and "throttle up/down" and yes, on the very end "pull , pull gentle, more, more and keep the wings straight".... And suddenly we were on the ground, perfectly fine, even much better then in the vid 😃 ...and absolutely surprising for both of us... 😝 (ok: the 1st attempt was on a WW1-field, so there was no rundway-direction to care about wich made the approach easier... )

Anyhow: At that moment we both were full of proudness and she ran to her mum and told her that she just landed the plane... and yes, that was a real nice moment as father, when you know you teached your kid something usefull for live 😊 😂          

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