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Increasing amount of skin folders DCG can handle


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I was wondering whether it would be possible to increase the number of skin folders DCG can handle?

I play and create campaings using BAT. There are over 2000 skin folders in BAT skin folder by default and that seems to cause problems every once in a while. I am creating a campaign and while testing I got "The <PLANE> assigned to <SQUAD> is not present in the class file. A substitution has been made." error messsge. The plane was Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6 that certainly is in the class file. Furthermore, it was replaced by itself.... 

The game launches OK and the plane assumed missing is there so no problem there , but unfortunately the error seems to slow down the game. 

I am quite positive that it is the amount of skin folders that causes the problem, as after rather intensive testing the only thing that made the error message disappear was reducing the amount of skin folders.

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