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WW's Invite JG1 to "The Russian Revenge" Sat July 21st


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Thanks to Klaiber and Rabe for getting my access cleaned up

This may have been posted elsewhere but wanted to start a thread where I can respond to questions. I will be posting the mission files later this evening to you can give it a try and get used to the format


"The WingWalkers would like to invite JG1 to participate in a mission event on Saturday. The details are below. I will get passwords and TS info to Klaiber or Krupinski. Thankyou for you patience with us as we are experimenting a bit on a mission format. Our intent is for this to be an informal event with the teams mixed from both squads"













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Here are the two skins you need to see the Russians clearly...go to data/graphics/skins and place them in the FokkerD7f folder and the Sopwith Camel folder




Here is the mission if you want to fly around and check it out. Not a great solo flyer mission, but you can get used to the map and get shot down by Russians a lot.

data / multiplayer / dogfight.


Duck and I have been having some odd server glitches since the new patch, so do let me know if you are able to load this mission.



By Saturday the mission may change, but only slight things like timing and number and skill level of AI. We've found the AI patch cranks up Sopwith Camels and D7's to an unacceptable level at the ACE setting. Trying out the flight lead as High and Wingman as Normal. Want them to be challenging but not SuperHuman. The default AI tends to be pretty wimpy.



We are dry running this week to see if it runs reasonably well.

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when I first posted the zip files accidently made them both the mission, but no skins


have corrected


at the WingWalkers we have something called the Goober Award, reserved for just these kinds of errors


it goes without mention that I am highly decorated in that area

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Well we found some good things to fix in our dry run.....


1. Move subtitles to the bottom of the screen


2. Put labels on island bases that identify countries, had accidental attacks when the bases were gray


3. Much confusion on the attacking of trucks, offensive vs defensive, may eliminate trucks at island bases to simplify


And the one I will just have to be forgiven for....put Central to the west and Entente to the east, the result of extreme left handedness... to late to change that!! Yikes

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I PM'd our TS info and the Game Server Passwords to Herr Klaiber, I assume he can post them for you on a secure thread.


We will meet in our TS at 7:00 to recap how the mission works and any changes go. The mission appears to run about an hour, so we likely will split into teams, run it once and than switch sides and run it again.


Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday

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I updated the zip file to the version of the game we will be running tonight (7 pm pacific)



We will run it once and switch sides run it again for balance. With the Spad13's machine guns so juiced these days not sure the plane sets are balanced


Changes you will notice

1. Now you only need to destroy the balloons and destroy the base to take over the Lake bases

2. Still need to do that plus kill six trucks at the inland bases

3. Last phase ship bombing was a bit too easy, Added Fredrick 5 and 6 so six ships total to destroy

4. Add more AAA and MG on adjoining islands to protect ships



We will have the server up before seven with a "fly around" mission up for warming up


Join us on our TeamSpeak

Look forward to seeing you all!

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Thanks to all the JG1 guys who flew with us. Had a great time and had a nice mixed result when we ran the mission twice.


I know this mission was a bit on the informal side, but that was some of the goal as well as testing the flow of bases being destroyed or changing side


If I revised it I think I would tighten up the access to planes so that everyone plane choices stay in their coalition thru out so as to minimize the confusion.


None the less we had some real varied results, from very balanced, to one side being completely frozen out of the front bases and they still managed to save the Prince's ship.


Thanks All!

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