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Fokker DVIII and Pfalz DXII Skins


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Maybe something like this for the Pfalz D.XII:


Staying with my Rudolf Stark-inspired skins.

Here is another version that's similar: https://modelingmadness.com/review/w1/tc/tmcpd12.htm

Just give me a red elevator instead of black.

And a more pinkish in front, less purple.

And maybe this panel from Krazy Kat on the side under the cockpit:



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On 9/22/2021 at 10:17 PM, Klaiber said:

For the Fokker D.VIII, how about something like this:


Pink nose.  White rudder.  Lozenge skin.  I even like the white band.  Instead of the red star, how about this:


I've completed both your and my skins. I changed the lozenge colors on mine to reflect what this guy did with his DVIII replica. His research is pretty good IMHO.

http://www.collectors-edition.de/f-t-s_buchbestellung_english.htm (They are the Fokker D.VIII-In Detail Vol 1 and 2)

Also made the wings pretty glossy since they were varnished and were glossy in reality. Added oil drips (shiny also). Since these would be relatively fresh aircraft, I'm not going to do much in the way of paint chipping.

Yours has the template default lozenge while mine has my modified lozenge. Which would you prefer?



v_!_JG1_FokkerD8_Klaiber.dds v_!_JG1_FokkerD8_Vonrd.dds

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I really like it a lot!  And I like the default lozenge pattern.

To the upper wing, could you add the pink chevron I have on the wing of the Albatros, the D.VII and other aircraft?  That way, people can identify me from above.

And on the dorsal white area on the fuselage band, could you add a pink K.

Thanks so much!

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Hello Vonrd! Thanks so much for helping us look our finest! 😎

  • For my Fokker D.VIII skin, could you make the top of the wing my usual yellow/black starburst, with the underside default camo? For the fuselage, could you mirror what you did for my Halberstadt skin? (Yellow cowling, black fuselage, my "Hotlead" script underneath the cockpit, my shield/motto between my script and the German cross, white band snugged up next to the tail, yellow tail?) I'd have one exception though: I'd like the tail section to be just pure yellow with no starburst on the vertical stabilizer. (The D.VIII's rudder is a weird shape to try and put a starburst on.) Also, with yellow wheels.
  • For my ZuperPfalz, I'd like an exact clone of my Halberstadt, including the starburst on the vertical stabilizer and default camo on top/bottom wings.
  • Finally would it be possible to revise my Fokker D.VII/D.VIIF skins slightly as well? I'd like the black to match the black on my Pfalz D.IIIa. Currently I think the black on the Fokker D.VII/D.VIIF reads a little blue. 

If you need any files from me, just let me know. 👍

Thanks again! 😊

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9 minutes ago, Klaiber said:

Provided they can hold together under the onslaught of a stiff breeze. :D


....yeah....D.XII wings are criminally weak. Magics, I think it was, tried to calculate average amount of hits taken before an aircraft went down in FC and it was something like 8 hits for the D.XII...real shame, because otherwise it's a great little plane. Hopefully one that will benefit from a future DM revision...

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  • 3 weeks later...

Here are Klaiber's, Hotlead's and my Pfalz DXII skins. This template has been somewhat troublesome. The overlays / weathering that Rap has included in the template seemed much too coarse to me. I wound up using parts of the ROF overlays, adjusting the opacity of others and shutting some off. I decided to go with a fairly fresh looking aircraft, as with the Fokker DVIII, since these were introduced very late in the war and the earliest ones would barely have had 4 months in service. 

Because of the weird overlays, none of the colors that we have been using previously for other aircraft will work on the DXII. They are all much too bright. If anyone else is skinning this plane I can provide the colors that I have come up with. Please review and let me know if further color correction is needed. 

I decided to use a brighter lozenge pattern similar to what I have used for other aircraft as I felt that the lozenge in the template was much too dark compared to what my research comes up with. This is, of course, subjective and I can alter the lozenge patterns if preferred.

v_!_JG1_PfalzD12_Hotlead.dds v_!_JG1_PfalzD12_Klaiber.dds v_!_JG1_PfalzD12_Vonrd.dds

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Bit of a weird request - but I don't have any skins for FC yet and I'm finally able to come back to flying after real life flight school so is there any chance I could get a simplistic skin based on my Helmet/Racing car color scheme I've been running since I was young? We can probably mute the colors out and that wouldn't work too bad  for camo if there are Grays/Reds/Black tones available. 

Could even just be a simple Black top wing, red bottom wing (or mid-wing for tri-planes) and gray/black fuselage with a roundel. on the empennage 

Car 1: Bandolero
No photo description available.
Car 2: 2012-2014 Legends car paint
No photo description available.

Brand Logo, vector files for helmet design and Roundel included in files. 






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