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trouble generating a campaign with DCG (always the same mission, no passage of time)

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I don't really know what I'm doing wrong, I'm following all instructions to the letter and taking care to follow every step as explained in the txt files and dcg itself. I'm using BAT with the 3.50 dcg beta


I try to create an Iwo campaign for the IJA:

1. I open dcg, create a new campaign (auto-generation unselected off course)

2. Go to IL2 and choose the created IWO campaign

3. minimize il2, go back to dcg, choose the squadron, etc

4. select "offline auto-generation"

5. click on generate mission in dcg

6. back to il2, click on start campaign, start mission (always an "armed recon" or "destroy the carriers")

7. mission complete, select "apply" on the postmission briefing (kills etc)

8. the same mission appears again, no time has passed

9. trapped in this cicle forever


It happens with any and every campaign I want to play. Manchuria 45, Okinawa etc. Always the same mission, no time passes etc

Don't know what I'm doing wrong...

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Can you post the post mission log, please?

Edit: also, DCG creates it's own log when it generates a mission; can you post the log DCG generates after creating your first mission and then the one it creates after creating the second mission?

Have you modified any file?

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Hi Torpede_Aeri,

It looks like the process you are using is for an older version of IL-2.  Try:

Full Off-Line Career Mode.

Using this mode replaces the in-game generator (DGen) with DCG.  Careers can then be created directly from the game set up screens and DCG never needs to be run except to edit the campaign files.

1. Run DCG.
2. Select the off-line Career Auto-Generation mode from the DCG Menu.
3. Select "Replace Career Generator (DGen)" from the DCG Menu "Mode" and click "Yes". Close DCG.
4. Run IL-2 "Forgotten Battles".
5. Select any of the stock or DCG campaigns available in IL2 "Forgotten Battles" or any campaign in "Pacific Fighters" that is designated "*" and "(DCG)". DCG will generate and run a campaign based on your selection criteria.
6. Play the campaign.

Note: a copy of DGen.exe will be made called DGEN_bak.exe. It is strongly recommended that your restore your DGen.exe file before installing any upgrades of IL2 "Forgotten Battles". You can do this by clicking "Replace DGen" when it's checked or delete the file DGen.exe and rename DGen_bak.exe to DGen.exe.


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