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2 hours ago, TedsOnMeds said:

Yes. It is most excellent. Quick training aids like this are amazing for newer pilots like myself, thanks very much! 


2 hours ago, Klaiber said:

Very nice video, Barton!

Thank you!  I haven't posted anything in a while and I actually had the thought while I was in the middle of the bounce that it might be good material to talk about.

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Very nice, Barton!

Very usefull and I´ll keep it in mind, how to bounce. I kindly asking for you some practice lessons, as I want to master the bouncing too but rarely succeed. 🙂

I´m also suprised how you handle your 190 before the vertical scissor. Looks for a moment that you would be loosing control by stalling and the P-38 would gain the advantage by her energy reserve.



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I was pretty nervous going into this fight and I did nearly lose control towards the end.  I was full right stick and rudder at the top of that climb trying to keep the left wing from dipping.  Even had some forward stick to keep the wingloading low.  The Fw-190 can float with those flaps down.  It's not useful for combat outside very particular instances like this one.  Saving grace was that the P-38 started to get low on energy as well and instead of continuing up into the vertical he leveled out but didn't extend away.

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Don’t the right/left props on the P-38 rotate opposite directions to counter torque? 

Yes indeed they do...   but the funny on the P-38 is the "critical engine" (a million jokes right there) is the down-swinging blade of the prop is OUT board. In the case of both engines turning the same direction, that engine would be considered the critical engine because of the change of AoA with climb compared to the upswinging blade. 

But if they BOTH turn outboard...   then they are BOTH critical...    they had the correct idea..... and it DID work....  read the stories about P-38 pilots that would get a hot Zeke in on them and they would go into a climbing left turn and maintain it until the Zeke stalled out. Couldn't match it with the torque of the single engine making the difference. 

The definition of Critical Engine is:  "The failure of the engine that would most impact negatively the performance of the aircraft."

They had the right idea, but they were both WRONG.   The old....   "you only had ONE job...."   gag.  I actually had some hoonyock once look up in Wikil and tell me that it CLEARLY stated the most critical engine was the LEFT engine. I about fell out of my chair laughing. These guys take themselves SO seriously. 

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