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My Track IR Issues !


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As many of you  know  I have had my game freeze up  sometimes requiring a restart and sometimes reboot.   Now this was only happenning to me when I would  unpause my Track IR.  I like to pause it, reposition head in cockpit ,  or scan with mouse in level.  When unpausing it game would sometimes lock up.

Well,  I believe I have resolved that issue,   so far it seems.  Not long ago I started to notice that  I was having issues using one of my hat switches on my CH pro throttle.  I blew it off and used KB instead as the commands were key programmed to hat.  When it  happened to 2 more switch directions  I decided to replace the throttle with a new ch pro.   Since I have done that  I have not had a re-occurrence of the game freeze,  fingers  crossed.  I think it was an issue due to the board on the throttle going bad and  being hooked into the USB bus,  like track IR.   I will update if this issue is not finished

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