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Can DCG be used with ground warfare non-dynamic?


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I like DCG's handling of dynamic airwar, the missions it generates and the possibility to be able to change the names, stats and pictures of the pilots in my squadron. However I don't wish my missions to have an effect on the ground war. I like to play as a Finnish fighter pilot and if I shoot down some airplanes or destroy some tanks it should not lead to the Finns winning a war against impossible odds - it feels too unrealistic. I would like the front lines to move just as they did historically, no matter how well or how bad my missions go. Is it possible to use DCG in a way that would not change the front lines moving from the way they work in SH3?

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It is possible to make the ground war linear (non-dynamic) through the use of the timetable.dcg file. In this file, you can specify when the front moves and where it moves.


In order to set it up, you need to set up a header of the campaign you're playing, and then turn the time table "on". For example, if I'm playing Finland '39 campaign, I'd put:



19391130 TimeTable On


Then, if I want the Russians to capture a specific location on December 5th, 1939, the command is:


19391205 TCapture Allied Location


Where "Location" would be the name of the location from the finland.rds file. Alternatively, the Fins can capture a location with the same command but substituting "Axis" for "Allied".


19391205 TCapture Axis Location


Or if you want a location that's being fought over, use "Contested".


19391205 TCapture Contested Location



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