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Combined Arms Mission, December 19th, 100PM EST.


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Counter Attack on Aachen, Nov 44, Limited Tiger tanks, with Panthers, and MkIV's should heavies get knocked out, against American Shermans, heavy AT/artillery and American Jabo and fighter aircraft (AI) in area.  Luftwaffe player slots available in addtion to German Panzer, and anyone that would like to saddle up in Sherman to add to the existing AI forces.  JV44 invited as well.  

SCG Combat Events



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Hello Neun,

thank you for the invitation to the yesterday´s SCG event, which I could join for the first time. Came primarily for tanking but ended up this time as air support in CAP or CAS.  The mix of the PvP and PvE elements in your event as well as the given orders and objectives made the difference to the usual dogfight server stuff in IL-2 and were welcome change.  It was a very entertaining and immersional experience and time passed quickly in the 2,5 - 3 hours lasting event.

Tank you for all your preparation! I´m looking forward to the next event in early 2022!

P.S. Thank you too, GenMarkOf, for providing the contact to SCG. You hadn´t promised too much by telling me.

P.P.S. SCG is looking for more pilot´s joining the event, to enrich the air support on either faction CAP and CAS!





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