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Application (mpflyboy1)


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1. EST

2. Thrustmaster Warthog with TPR and Volair sim chair, MSI i9 GE76Raider with GForce RTX 3080

3. Discord now with mic but can get Teamspeak if needed.

4. HP Reverb G2


6. Online search

7. My friend and I are interested in flying in an online squadron together. We both flew for the Air Force and are currently flying B-767.  I was online with Jasta 9 about 20 years ago (Red Baron game). I drifted away but with the recent introduction VR it is a game changer. Flying the F5 in DCS with my friend doing formation t/o, maneuvers and landings felt like I was back in pilot training flying T-38. My favorite in Red Baron was DR1 and playing IL2 FC in VR is amazing.

My home sim.jpg

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  • Britchot changed the title to Application (mpflyboy1)

Nice rig and welcome to the forums! VR definitely renewed my dedication to flight sims, too. 

I’m going to split this to a new thread so it doesn’t get buried.

Our CO will be along with some email traffic to introduce us more. Keep in mind, it’s the holidays and it might be a bit sparse over the weekend. 

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