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Found in a shoe box (sort of)


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Today I was going through pictures from the past with my mother. She came up with this one:


Encircled: my mother, her mother and siblings next to her. On the back of the picture was written: "Plane crash Groenlo, august 1933" (translated). I couldn't find details of the crash yet.

I think this is a Fokker C.VI from the LVA (predecessor of the Dutch Air Force).

The LVA had bought 31 of this type. 
The designation C.VI is used by LVA for the lighter version of the C.V-D.
The deliveries will take place from 1925 with registration 590 to 608.
Furthermore in 1926 the 609 to 615 and in 1928 the 616 to the 620.
All supplied with the lighter Hispano-Suiza motor of 350 hp.
Except for the 619 and 620, because they are equipped with the 380 hp Amstrong Siddeley Jaguar engine.
All still useable C.VI A/C are in 1934, converted into C.V-D, with the 450 hp Hispano Suiza motor.

Many of the C.VI scouts are still employed in May 1940 during the invasion of the Germans in the Netherlands.



Above the 619 or 620 with the NACA Streamline hood at Soesterberg airfield.

Below the 620 without the NACA hood


The aforementioned 619 is also involved in the short war by SGT Vlieger A.van Liempt. On the 1st day of the invasion May 10, 1940, the 619 takes of from Ruijgenhoek airfield, flies to the Navy airfield at Valkenburg for an attack. On May 11, a reconnaissance on the Grebbeberg between Ede and Arnhem. Then May 12, a bombing flight on the Delft-Rotterdam highway, followed by a reconnaissance flight over the Wons-line in the North. Finally a bombing flight on the Grebbeberg. Liempt is brought down by a Bf109. Yet, he manages to make an emergency landing around 7 pm. There he's caught by the Germans and shot, his observer/gunner T. VRINS is made prisoner of war.






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