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DCS Issues


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So, I finally got DCS updated to the latest version, then DCS would freeze on the authorization screen.  So I deleted dcs from the computer, and reinstalled, everything loaded as normal.  Then I installed all the modules, and dcs crashed again.  So, I uninstalled DCS again, and starting to load each module individually, to see which one is crashing.  So far, the Mig-19 is fine, and now installing Syria.  This is gonna take awhile

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Hi Klieg, I checked the boards, and this was the recommendation:



Remove all unofficial mods, run a full cleanup and repair. Update windows and your display driver. 

If you are over clocking remove the over clocks. 


If that doesn't work, you'll have to post the logs.


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Yeah, that was completed last night, and it made no difference.  I completely uninstalled every last bit of DCS today, then reinstalled the base game.  I loaded each module individually, starting with the mig-21, and the game crashed upon restart. I uninstalled again, and started over, loaded in a couple of the other aircraft, Mig-19, then the F-86, then the Mig-15, and all went fine.  Decided to try the Mig-21 again, and it crashed.  Did it a third time, this time the 21 went in just fine  :huh: along with all the other modules.  I'm thinking that there might be a random hidden issue with the 21????  So my DCS is back up and running, at least for now

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