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Extensions and springs for TM Warthog


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I have an extension setup, not from Sahaj, but the same idea.

Highly recommended if you have the space for the added stick travel.   Allows for finer movements of the aircraft IMO.    I use a 20cm spring on my 30cm of extension and find that I like the lighter throw.

Mine is actually 30 cm of extension which I did as a 20+10 from two different manufacturers hence the two part look.


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I have a 10cm (I believe), it definitely adds fine adjustments without overloading the spring.  Mine is between the legs but not all the way to the floor.    If I had the room, I'd adjust to the floor, myself. I'm not sure if you've ever flown a Citabria, Decathlon, Cub, or even a Piper Pawnee (my personal experiences), but the throw to the floor should be very similar.  If you've ever done aerobatics in the first two, you'll definitely know what I mean. 

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