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FiF 2022


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S! All

We have been working on FiF 2022.

Plane set is yet to be finalized. 

You may have seen FiF practice mission on the JG1 Server. When you joined, all you saw was a black screen. That is because we have been working on a new map. To see the new map you need to download a folder and place it into your dogfight folder. This  folder contains the map texture files. These files give us a NML, and airfields all over the map where you can safely land. There are plenty of places to land to pick up the Spy, the General and do prison rescue. The prison model has been updated to look like a prison.


The other thing is that when you extract the file, it sometimes put the fifk folder inside another fifk folder.

Make sure it's:

X:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Multiplayer\Dogfight\fifk\[contents]



On map notice red arrow. Now, Front Line Recon discovers enemy tanks approaching a city. Your city. You must destroy 4 enemy tanks to complete mission. If even 1 gets to destination, the mission is failed. Takes tanks about 20 minutes. Just stopping tanks is not enough. They must be destroyed. You get a point for killing all four. No points for enemy if you fail. Replaces old Trench attack mission. Any plane with bombs can attack tanks. No need for special trench attack plane.

trench 3.jpg



Yes.  This is the Kuban  map.


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Thank you for the answers! Yesterday I flew with filL for the first time on the practice map. I wasn't aware that the terrain was so level there.

Still, it's difficult to land there in IL-2. You feel like you're sinking underground and then overturning. That wasn't a problem in RoF, even if it was a bit bumpy there.

If there is no way to edit the 'hardness' of the underground, I would like to understand how to edit the texture of the underground. The approach of finding one's way there would perhaps be sufficient.

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