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FIF 2022 "Winter Campaign" Schedule (Flying Circus)


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FIF 2022 "Winter Campaign" Schedule:

Other "IN FLAMES" events will follow this year's FIF Winter Campaign.

A dry-run/test mission will be held on Saturday, 26 February 2022, at 2 PM EDT / 7 PM UTC, as per the FIF Calendar.

Phase A:

  • Week A1 (TBD) @ 2PM EDT/6PM UTC
  • Week A2 (TBD) @ 2PM EDT/6PM UTC

GAScross.jpg= Blue Team
RAFroundel.jpg?dl=0AMroundel.jpg?dl=0USAASroundel.jpg?dl=0 = Red Team


  • Week A3 (TBD) @ 2PM EDT/6PM UTC
  • Week A4 (TBD) @ 2PM EDT/6PM UTC

RAFroundel.jpg?dl=0AMroundel.jpg?dl=0USAASroundel.jpg?dl=0 = Blue Team
GAScross.jpg  = Red Team

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